36 Electric Resturant Range- 12 Hot Top, Standard Oven and 24 Griddle

Kitchens can get crowded when you have to rely on several different machines to getting different results when cooking, With the Southbend SE36D-TTH model of restaurant range oven, this problem is put to rest, with everything you could need in a busy restaurant all contained to one oven. You'll be getting a standard oven with a rack perfect for roasting and baking, a hot top that allows for easy access frying and boiling while concentrating on other aspects of cooking. There's even a 24 griddle on the oven top for even more cooking options. Make multi-tasking effortless with theSE36D-TTH. Maintaining cleanliness with this oven is easy as well, with a special grease chute draining any excess grease into special receptacles to discard properly. Grease doesn't spit or splash out of the griddle thanks to the splash guards on the sides and rear of the griddle. Electric Only:There is no need for a gas utility connection, this oven is powered entirely with electricity - saving on utility bills Built To Last:Frame is welded aluminized steel, with stainless steel front, sides and rear - stainless steel interior for oven cavity Hot Top And Griddle:For both a high volume and a highly diverse output, this oven comes with a griddle and hot top on the topside of the oven - offering a plethora of options for users to cook with 100% Front Serviceable:Easy to service from the front of the oven - avoiding the need to move the oven whenever maintenance is due Easy Temperature Control:All aspects are thermostatically controlled, with the hotplate ranging from 250 degree - 850 degree F and the oven and griddle both obtaining temperatures of 150 degree - 450 degree F Zero Grease Build-UpSplash guards prevents grease from leaving the griddle area, and any built-up griddle grease will be funneled down a handy grease chute into a receptacle for better disposal More clearance with added legs:6 legs are included with the oven - providing added height is desired, as well as mobility with casters (oven does not include casters)

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36 Electric Resturant Range- 12 Hot Top, Standard Oven and 24 Griddle Review

I bought 36 Electric Resturant Range- 12 Hot Top, Standard Oven and 24 Griddle for my dad and now I have to buy one for me!

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