9 Light Duty Manual Gravity Feed Slicer

With a durable 9 slicing blade and a whole raft of convenient features, the 9 Light Duty Manual Gravity Feed Slicer (C9X) makes a great addition to any small commercial kitchen or catering operation. This slicer includes a powerful 1/3 horsepower motor and offers 15 thickness settings, so you can slide a whole variety of meats and foods with ease. It features protected on/off buttons with a wipe-clean design, and offers up to 30 minutes of slicing per day. Great for Small Spaces: This machine's compact design makes it a great choice for any small commercial kitchen or outlet, and can handle approximately 30 minutes of slicing per day Ease to Operate: This machine is incredibly easy to operate - small teeth keep your meat gripped, an ergonomic handle maintains your comfort and wipe-clean protected buttons mean you can use this slicer without worrying about juice drips or spills Great Thickness Options: GLOBE knows that different foods need different levels of thickness, so this machine was designed with 15 different thickness options, its thickest measuring in at 0.5625 inches Lazy Maintenance: Because of its great design, this slicer requires virtually zero maintenance - only a small drop of oil to lubricate your slicer, which is included with this product Removable Parts: Removable slicer parts such as the chute can be easily removed for easy cleaning Non-Slip: This model has non-slip protection thanks to its four strong rubber feet, providing you with more durability and flexibility over your slicing Sharp 9 Blade: This model's razor-sharp 9 blade is great for slicing smaller meat slabs and other foods quickly and efficiently

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9 Light Duty Manual Gravity Feed Slicer Review

I right bought this selective 9 Light Duty Manual Gravity Feed Slicer and I m contented with my get.

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