Assos CyclingSlipper Shoes White, 42.5 - Men's

When it comes to fit that feels virtually molded to a cyclist's body, Assos definitely knows the score. For cycling shoes with carbon soles that can literally be molded to a cyclist's feet, Lake pretty much wrote the book. Combine the two, and you have what may be the most luxurious cycling shoes we've ever had the misfortune of testing and then having to give back: the Assos CyclingSlipper Shoes. Though the power-to-the-pedals fit of the CFC race last is important, it's ultimately useless if the sole yields to input like nylon. Lake's expertise comes into play here, with the CyclingSlippers featuring the same carbon sole as Lake's top-end CX402 shoes. Like the CX402, the CyclingSlippers' soles are also moldable, for a crystal-slipper fit that wasn't initially manufactured for your foot, but that definitely fits it like a glove. Or a slipper. Or a CyclingSlipper. The CyclingSlippers' Kangaroo leather uppers are soft and infinitely adaptable, conforming over the course of a short break-in period to the cyclist's foot. After they're imprinted with a given user's pedi-DNA, the uppers are almost as customized as the soles. The lining is both breathable and antimicrobial, and the heel and tongue liner demonstrates the Assos touch by actually regulating foot temperature. The shoes are finished with the ubiquitous-for-a-reason Boa wire buckles, which effect a quick fit before the ride and a low profile throughout it.

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Assos CyclingSlipper Shoes White, 42.5 - Men's Review

This cycling ROCKS! Best cycling what I ever had!

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