Baader MPCC Mark III Multi-Purpose Coma Corrector

The Baader MPCC Mark III Multi-Purpose Coma Corrector virtually eliminates the effects of coma in fast Newtonian reflector telescopes. This astrophotography accessory is a must-have if you capture images with a fast Newtonian Astrograph and a DSLR or CCD camera. Designed for astrophotographic use with fast reflector telescopes featuring focal ratios from f/3.5 to f/6. Reflectors with such a fast focal ratio inherently exhibit coma, which can wreak havoc on astrophoto quality as it gives stars a bloated, fuzzy appearance. By attaching the Baader MPCC MkIII to your fast reflector, you'll eliminate pesky coma and be able to capture gorgeous images with tack-sharp, 12-micron stars across the full width of a 35mm or smaller imaging sensor. Using the MPCC MkIII does not cause vignetting, and won't extend the focal length of a telescope as some other coma correctors do, so it won't narrow the field of view. For optimized imaging with DSLR cameras, only the MPCC MkIII is needed - additional spacer rings are not required. (You WILL need a T-ring for your particular camera model, of course) . The MPCC MkIII is designed for a nominal 55mm distance from the mounting flange to the camera sensor. Its optical elements feature special Phantom Group wide-band multi-coatings for maximum light throughput. The MPCC MkIII inserts into 2 reflector telescope focusers and accepts T-2 (M42x0.75) and/or 2 (M48.0x0.75) threaded astrophotographic or visual adapters. Weighs just 2.8 oz.

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Baader MPCC Mark III Multi-Purpose Coma Corrector Review

When I opened the box of my nice Baader MPCC Mark III Multi-Purpose Coma Corrector I was surprised. Everything from Orion Telescopes & Binoculars come in secured packages.

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