Boss 8 inch Cocogro cube, Case of 12: J

BOSS PREMIUM SOILLESS ORGANIC GROW MEDIABoss is specially manufactured to replace conventional growing methods in 6'' X 6'' rock wool cubes and will change the way hydro gardeners cultivate crops. Rock wool is prone to over-watering and is ecologically unfriendly due to its lack of bio-degradability. It does not break down over time, unlike Boss, which is ecofriendly and biodegradable. Boss is unique in its composition and is manufactured with extra washes to remove excess sodium. Boss is made from 3/4 '' double sieved coir fibers for increased air space to the root zone. The fiber is aged 18 to 24 months and is fully decomposed to ensure no P.H. or E.C. drifts.Boss is exceptional because of its multi-drain capability. It contains a coarse coir fiber mat on the bottom of the block to allow for free drainage and to keep coir fiber particles from draining out of the bag. Each Boss is compressed in a 5 to 1 ratio and is available in 6'' X 6'' and 8'' X 8'' bags.Another benefit Boss offers is its packaging. Boss is wrapped in a horticultural grade poly bag that is white on the outside and black on the inside to insure a low temperature and no light to promote healthy root systems. Finally, Boss is very simple to use: just open the top of the bag and hydrate coir, Boss will expand to full size in just minutes.

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Boss 8 inch Cocogro cube, Case of 12: J Review

I am very happy with my buy, this product are of excellent quality and well made . Very thanks.

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