Candela Pendant by Vistosi

The Vistosi Candela Pendant is a slender point of ambient task lighting, featuring a tall cylinder of handcrafted glass with stunning illuminating qualities. The narrowness of the design invites the clustering of multiple pendantsa"perhaps in a staggered grouping or in a row along a bar or tablea"while also displaying a high level of artisanal skill. As light diffuses through the glass, the purity of the piece is highlighted as well, appearing like floating candles that glow and put forth a strong down light. One of Italyas most prestigious and prolific names in Murano glassmaking, Vistosi specializes in hand-blown glass lighting fixtures with an expertise that can be traced to the 1500s. Officially incorporated as Vetreria Vistosi in 1989 with the Moretti family, Vistosi continues to invest in new technologies and methods of production compatible with the historical craft, resulting in an extensive collection of highly decorative yet durable lighting designs.

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Candela Pendant by Vistosi Review

Nice and very style. But there are some negatives too. Probably I would buy Candela Pendant by Vistosi again.

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