Castelli Chamois Cream White, 100ml

Castelli's Chamois Cream aims to make any ride more comfortable -- whether you're heading out for a quick, easy loop or a four-hour training ride, your sensitive areas will thank you for the added protection they'll get from this non-greasy, dry-formula cream. Castelli uses natural tea tree oil to lessen friction and calm the skin, allowing you to focus on your cadence on a climb or your overall pace rather than spending your ride shifting around trying to alleviate irritation. Apply the breathable formula directly to your skin so you're able to spend your ride blissfully unaware of the presence of your chamois, and to ensure your rides are never cut short by discomfort.

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Castelli Chamois Cream White, 100ml Review

I was looking for a stylish fashion sneakers for my brother. So I came across this Castelli Chamois Cream White, 100ml, its very low-cost and looks angelic . Once I received it I pulled it out to look at it and it is so gorgeous and sparkles.

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