CellarPro Bottle Probe

You can be sure that your cherished wine collection can stay in its ideal environment without a hitch. The CellarPro Bottle Probe (CPU1434) provides accurate, digital temperature readings of your wine cellar. Just place the probe into a wine bottle filled with water and alcohol then place the bottle where you please. It plugs directly into your CellarPro wine cooling unit so that the unit may toggle on and off based on accurate changes in liquid temperature. Accurate: Used with your CellarPro wine cooling unit, this probe provides accurate digital temperature readings to keep your wine at the ideal temperature. Simple Use: Simple place the probe into a wine bottle filled with water and alcohol, plug it into the unit, and place the bottle where you choose in your cellar. Versatile: A 10-foot cord allows you to place the probe where you need in your cellar to provide up-to-date feedback for your CellarPro wine cooling unit.

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CellarPro Bottle Probe Review

I bought this lab bottles & jars on special for 99.00 and I love it.

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