Mavic Cosmic Ultimate II Shoes - Men's White/Black, US 14.0/UK 13.5

Upon first glance, the Mavic Men's Cosmic Ultimate II Shoes are seemingly an extraterrestrial creation with their cutting-edge tech and heaping doses of carbon fiber goodness. This is for good reason, as Mavic created these shoes for the professional talent of JLT Condor. Tipping the scales at a feathery 240 grams, the Cosmic Ultimate II Shoes are about as lightweight as possible, but without sacrificing power transfer, ergonomic comfort, and sensitivity for discerning riders. Upgraded over the previous version, the Cosmic Ultimate II features Mavic's Ergo Dial lacing system with 1mm incremental adjustments. Two Ergo Dials improve its overall fit and adjustability, especially compared to the lower hook-and-loop straps found on the first iteration. The rest of the shoe remains very similar, thanks to its super-thin bonded upper that sheds grams while optimizing airflow with generous venting. Other comfort-enhancing features include an Ergo 3D tongue that maximizes breathability and cushioning, as well as an Ergo Fit 3D + Ortholite footbed with dual-density foam and EVA arch support. The Energy Full Carbon SLR sole transfers maximum power to the pedals for competitive riders seeking a leg up on the competition. Extremely stiff, yet ultra-thin at only 5. 5mm, this carbon sole balances unrelenting power transfer with enhanced sensitivity. Showcasing just how efficient this sole is, it's backed by a perfect 100/100 rating on Mavic's energy transfer index. The carbon advantage doesn't stop there. Mavic equipped these shoes with an Energy Frame Carbon weave and Energy Lock Carbon heel counter, both of which maximize power transfer by eliminating slop when you're cranking at full bore. Note that the Cosmic Ultimate II Shoes come with the recommended 8mm screws and a mesh bag for storage and transport. Also, they're available in a wide fit for riders desiring a bit more volume to alleviate foot cramping.

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Mavic Cosmic Ultimate II Shoes - Men's White/Black, US 14.0/UK 13.5 Review

Mavic Cosmic Ultimate II Shoes - Men's White/Black, US 14.0/UK 13.5 rocks! I am gonna buy them also for my mom!

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