Profile Design 3/One AL Brake Levers

As much time as we spend training to get faster, and for all of the components we buy to make us lighter and more aerodynamic, we all still need to be able to stop on occasion. Investing in a pair of brake levers like Profile Design's 3/One Alloy Brake Levers makes sense because they eliminate the need for drop bar levers and won't blow your TT/tri bike upgrade budget. Brakes shouldn't be overly complicated, and Profile Design made sure the 3/One was sculpted to provide the ease of a single-finger design that works quickly and reliably. With a sleek, drag-minimizing shape, the levers won't slow you down unless you want them to. They're versatile enough to work with a wide variety of integrated or standard brakes, and are compatible with any of Profile Design's range of base bars.

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Profile Design 3/One AL Brake Levers Review

Nice and very style. But there are some negatives too. Probably I would buy Profile Design 3/One AL Brake Levers again.

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