Triple Long-Reach Set - Stainless Steel

Quick Max used in most lockouts Little Max used for shorter reach and more control Big Kahuna provides extra reach for larger jobs USA made The triple-reach long-reach set includes three sizes of door tools for a variety of lockouts. The 50-reach Quick Max is the go-to tool for most jobs, but for smaller vehicles like convertibles that require a shorter reach, the 39-reach Little Max is ideal. Finish large jobs with the 58-reach Big Kahuna. Ideal for towers, fleet maintenance, law enforcement and mechanics. Kit includes: Stainless Steel Big Kahuna 58L Stainless Steel Quick Max 50L Stainless Steel Little Max 39L WARNING! Door tools cannot ship USPS (United States Postal Service) . These tools are not sold or advertised to the general public. In accordance with applicable laws, we only sell to locksmiths, auto repossessors, new and used car dealers, towing companies and professional auto mechanics. It is the responsibility of the purchaser that these tools be used in accordance with your state and local laws.

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Triple Long-Reach Set - Stainless Steel Review

Next cool perfect ACCESS TOOLS/HIGH TECH TOOLS tools & home improvement. I got them and are one of best.

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