Vornado Humidifier Wicks Set of 2

The Universal Humidifier Wick Two Pack (MD1-0002RA) replacement filters are the best option for your Vornado Humidifier. With the precise dimensions to properly fit your Vornado Humidifier, competitors simply cannot compete. Designed with the highest quality materials available, these filters enhance your humidifier and allow them to operate at optimal functioning capacity. These wicks absorb water initially and as the humidifier pulls air through the wick, the water evaporates, adding moisture to your home for health and comfort. These humidifiers wicks help soothe dry throats, prevent dry skin, and alleviate congestion from colds or allergies. Owners of Vornado humidifiers are advised to keep a stock of wicks on hand for the dry months. The MD1-0002RA filters are compatible with models Evap1, Evap2, Evap3, Model 30, Model 40 and Model 50. Vornado recommends replacing your humidifier wick twice a season.

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Vornado Humidifier Wicks Set of 2 Review

My Vornado Humidifier Wicks Set of 2 came in amazingly nice packaging, but this is last good thing about it. I am disappointed by Vornado, and I won't be buying anything from them.

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