Watering pot, 'Lluvia de Flores' (Mexico)

Raindrops of blue petals cascade and replenish this handcrafted watering pot. The design is at once soothing and mesmerizing, evoking the functional delicacy of this unique adornment. Perfect for the green thumb. The work of the Castillo Family represents part of the cultural and historical values of the state of Guanajuato, where they elaborate their treasured craft. Each piece is a laborious affair between the artisan and carefully selected clay, ensuring quality rather than quantity. Once the desired shape is achieved, the surface is prepared in a mineral glaze and fired in a brick kiln. Patience and artistic virtue result in a captivating rendition of Talavera-style ceramics.

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Watering pot, 'Lluvia de Flores' (Mexico) Review

Watering pot, 'Lluvia de Flores' (Mexico) is my most favourite watering cans! Price of 45.99 is also great :) I <3 this shop!

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