Yasmin Everley Jewellery - Capricorn Astrology Ring

Mix astronomy and astrology with delicate earrings featuring your own constellation. In the Ancient Greek tale, when Zeus was born his mother, Rhea, had to conceal him as his father Cronos has eaten all of his previous children to postpone a prophesy of his death. The baby was nursed by the goat-nymph Amaltheia who Zeus, in gratitude, later placed in the stars to honour her. The ring has split shoulders supporting two tiny black diamonds which represent the infinite darkness of the unknown. In the centre, a circle - considered by the Ancient Greeks to be the most geometrically perfect shape - and within it a cluster of the stars accurately forms the constellation, suspended in space by a delicate wire. Solid Sterling Silver can become tarnished over time, if this happens the best method is to clean your ring is to use a soft toothbrush and a gentle, diluted washing up liquid, air dry and then apply a polishing cloth. Care should be taken to not rub too firmly on the stone settings and avoid wearing during sports and other activities as even diamonds can be damaged when struck at the wrong angle!

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Yasmin Everley Jewellery - Capricorn Astrology Ring Review

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